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Charlotte’s Testimonial

Charlotte's dance journey began because of recent trips to Mexico with her husband and the urge to want to dance with locals. Private Dancing Lessons are the fastest way to become a competent dancer. During private lessons, healthy dance habits with tips and details that can only be given through one-on-one instruction. Once your foundation is laid and you begin to become a proficient dancer, Group Classes are great supplements to Private Lessons for picking up new moves and dancing with a variety of partners.


Dina’s Testimonial

After relocating to Dallas from Russia, Dina was interested in enhancing her salsa skills to become a better follow during social outings. During your time with an expert instructor at Alpha Midway, you can focus on exactly the principles that you want to improve, from salsa basics to complex styling.


Lance’s Testimonial

Hear how personalized attention during Private lessons has improved Lance's technique. During one-on-one dance lessons, we focus on musicality, dance vocabulary and partnering skills which will give you the confidence to dance at any occasion.


Jonathan’s Testimonial

Searching for Salsa & Bachata Lessons in the DFW area, online, Jonathan signed up after finding us and quickly fell in love. By staying committed to our weekly beginner group lessons Jonathan has excelled form beginner student to our advance level classes.


Donna Testimonial

Donna shares how the techniques taught in our beginner group lessons improved her social dancing. Rest assured, no matter your age at Alpha Midway Dance Studio everyone becomes part of our dancing family. Cast your fear aside and join us today!


Julie Testimonial

From absolute beginner dancer to Intermediate/Advance level. Julie shows dedication and devotion for dancing. She shares her unique experience of how she found interest and now the rewards of dancing. Without further due, let's hear it from Julie!