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Alpha Midway Dance Studio Thanks you for your business

Welcome to Alpha Midway Dance Studio…. We are so excited you’re here. We strive to give you our best every single day.

Are you curious who you’re gonna be working with.  Well, to begin you have the 4 Amigas. Karla, Alix, Amanda and Joanna. Between this 4 magic happens  which creates a darn good dancing learning experience. They make a smooth and solid business until Sal shows up to disrupt 🙂 On a serious note, we take pride and pleasure in making sure you love what we do. We do too and we love sharing it with our students! Let the journey begin…..

We look forward in dancing, laughing and getting to know you. See you on the dance floor!

Here is our phone number if you have any additional questions: 877.797.2572

Here is our email: [email protected]

Make sure to check out the calendar to see all of our events going on. And, please add us on your social media.