“I agree with all the positive reviews! I love Sal’s class. I think the reason Sal’s classes are so much fun is because he is such a great guy and attracts people who really love to dance, which creates a very positive environment. It’s true, he is meticulous at breaking down every movement (hands, body, feet, etc.) for the person who has absolutely no experience. Then he also pulls out some fun moves that are very challenging to learn even for those more seasoned. If you want to check out Salsa or Bachata in Dallas, you should definitely stop by. When it is time to actually go down to the club, you can bet it is with Sal and his posse!”
“Best dance lessons in Plano by far! Sal does a great job of taking a difficult move and breaking it down in ways anyone can understand. I’ve been taking lessons from him for several months and my technique has improved tremendously. We always have a great time in class and I’ve made lots of new friends! We took a class trip to San Francisco where Sal performed. We all had the time of our life! I strongly recommend taking classes with Sal for anyone who is interested in dance lessons and wants to have a great time.”
“Sal offers a very fun and productive environment for learning Salsa and Bachata. His instruction will help improve any dancer’s technique from beginners to advanced. I started taking his classes four months ago without any previous experience with Latin dancing and now – not only am I completely addicted – but I am already learning advanced patterns. The best thing about Sal is that he invites his students to join him in the club for social dancing to practice and improve. Everyone is very friendly, willing to assist, and you soon find yourself amongst a new group of friends who all love to dance! Thanks Sal for everything you have taught me so far!”
“Sal provides a comfortable and lively environment to learn Salsa and Bachata. He has been totally welcoming to all beginners and makes you feel at ease right from the start. For those who already have some dance experience, Sal provides intermediate lessons that will help you learn more complex routines and intricate moves. Sal really embraces the Salsa scene and you can feel it in everything from the high energy, fun classes to the weekly student outings. Not only has my dancing improved vastly since I started taking lessons with him, but he has also introduced me to some great new friends. I highly recommend his classes.”
“Salsa and Bachata lessons in Dallas with Salvador Urena are the best way to learn dancing and get integrated into the Salsa scene in the DFW. Sal is an amazing instructor with a passion for Latin dance specializing in Salsa & Bachata. His classes are upbeat, fun, and full of energy. Regularly after classes Sal organizes social dancing for his students at local clubs helping to put real life experience into what is learned in class. Meet new people, make new friends (I met my girlfriend on one of Sal’s outings), and learn in a group environment that helps takes the fear factor away! If you already dance, check out Sal’s intermediate classes and get better, if you don’t dance (like me in the beginning) take one of Sal’s beginner classes, if you prefer private classes Sal is available, you will love how Sal and Salsa will change your life!!!”
“Sal is a stellar salsa instructor! He has a knack for providing the tiniest of details that help anyone improve (beginners or those advanced). Every class is a joy to attend and he goes out of his way to include his students in weekly dance outings.
“Best salsa lessons in Dallas with Salvador Urena. I’ve been taking classes for 12 months and my dancing has improved tons. You also get to hang out with a great group of people.”
“Sal has the best salsa lessons program in Dallas.  I love my classes and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking lessons in Dallas for Salsa and Bachata.”
“We had such a wonderful fiesta company lunch thanks to Sal! He was such an energetic and entertaining instructor! He made the event much more fun. He was able to get a surprisingly high number of people out on the dance floor! We would certainly have him come back in the future and would recommend him for any corporate event! Thank you so much!”
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“Love my salsa lessons with Sal. He is fun and energetic and loves to share his passion for dancing with his students. Strongly recommend to take his dance lessons.”
“Before I started taking his class I knew nothing about Salsa. And, now that I’m in my 5th private lesson I’m dancing to Salsa like you wouldn’t imagine. He makes his lessons so easy for you to learn & breaks them down to your level. He is amazing! I would definitely recommend his class.”
“I learned a lot from my lessons with Sal, and it’s a shame I’m moving to Houston and won’t be able to hang out with him and the lovely people I met out and about dancing. I strongly recommend his classes!”
“Salsa by Sal is a fantastic place to learn salsa, bachata and other Latin dances in Dallas. Sal’s classes stress learning the fundamentals, and then quickly adding turns and spin combinations that you can go out into a club the same night and use. He does this by demonstrating a move, and then having class members pair up and try the move without music, then switch partners, then try the move with music, and switch partners again to continue practicing. The end result is you’ve learned a cool move, have met everyone else in the class, and it’s been a fun relaxed learning environment. Sal’s style of dancing is great for going out to the club, and emphasizes turns as well as footwork, and Sal is an expert in both. The atmosphere is extremely friendly, and I have become close friends with many of the people I met through classes, and we go out together almost weekly.”
“Best salsa lessons ANYWHERE! The improvement in my dancing is amazing! I love going to class it is the highlight of my week! If your looking for something new and fun in Dallas this is it!”
“Sal is an amazing salsa and bachata instructor. When I first moved to Dallas I tried a bunch of different studios and instructors but Sal was the most dynamic and passionate. He truly cares about his students and fosters a family-like environment. After classes he always invites the students out to group dinners or dancing excursions to the local clubs. He makes it such a fun experience, and I met some of my best friends at his classes. He creates a very comfortable environment for beginners as well as experienced dancers. I would recommend his dancing instruction to anyone!”
“Salsa by Sal is where your Latin dance experience begins or will be polished for those seasoned dancers! Learn in a non intimidating and fun environment where you will not only learn to excel at Salsa & Bachata, but also make new friends you can go out and dance with… Salvador is an amazing and gifted instructor who teaches you to dance while enjoying yourself! You can’t go wrong with this combination of excellent instruction and a highly modern and beautiful studio!”
“The best dance lessons in Dallas! I have been taking salsa and bachata with Sal for month and I can say I met a lot of people and have an amazing teacher. He explains very thoroughly all the steps and makes learning very easy.”

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