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Alpha Midway Dance Studio Arlington offers 2 rooms that are fully equipped with mirrors, wood floors, climate control, fans, and sound equipment that is Bluetooth and Ipod compatible. The Studios can be used for group and private classes, rehearsals, auditions, fitness session and photo shoots.

The Studios can be used for group and private classes, rehearsals, auditions*, fitness session and video/photo shoots.

Please fill out the request form:

Feel free to call with further questions. 877.797.2572

Requirements after online form:
-$100 deposit
-Valid ID
-Credit card on file
-Sign agreement forms
*Auditions: Please ADD $100 (audition fee) extra if holding auditions/casting calls over 10 or more. Sufficient space must be booked to accommodate everyone who will be waiting to audition. No bodies should be in the hallway blocking any flow of traffic. Please bring enough staff to manage those who come to auditions and control crowds so as not to obstruct public areas, classes, and entrances.


For a full confirmation, we will need you to follow the steps above. A Non-refundable $35 Cancellation fee will be applied for processing if applicable.


Booking and payment policies:
Space must be booked by following the steps above. Payments must be received in advance of the rental date. No refunds, all sales are final.

Food and drinks are allowed with Manager Approval. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of the studio and private parking lot is on site.


Specifications and Rates:

Room A: $35.00