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Private Lessons with male or female Instructors available

Saturday classes after 5PM are available on premium rate of $100. Call info line to book your class! 877.797.2572

Last minute classes are ok but please give us a call to confirm that our instructors are available at 877.797.2572″

Single Class

  • 1 hour

Bundle of 5

  • 5 hours

Bundle of 10

  • 10 hours

We design a dance program specific to your dance needs and goals. The agenda begins with learning the steps first and continuing with partner work.


Private lessons will give you faster results,

Most people need at least 5 to 10 private lesson to get good at a couple dancing. If you are new to dancing, it’s important to get you past the “mechanical” stage as soon as possible. Only then you can start enjoying dancing naturally. It’s a good idea to schedule your first couple of lessons within the same week if your schedule allows it. Although private lessons are pricier, you can look at it like every private lesson equals to 3 group lessons.

Private lessons are 1 hour of one-on-one with an instructor where you will learn new steps and then get to apply them with music and partner dancing. You won’t believe your improvement in just 10 lessons!

The goal in private classes is to get you dancing naturally and enjoying the music as soon as possible.

We are very flexible to making the scheduling convenient to you. You can book your lessons right here on our website or by calling 877.797.2572.

I can guarantee you will feel the spark with every dance lesson! We show you fun moves to enjoy with your partner and different ways to enjoy the dance journey together

Feel free to text me if you have any questions about packages or scheduling.

Learn faster and Enjoy sooner!