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kizomba-class-danceLet the Kizomba Community Grow. In case you’re not aware, Kizomba is popular in many places of the world. Dallas is as usual has fallen a bit behind on this Kizomba Mania. We want to correct this and introduce this style to as many people as we can. We know you will fall in love with it too when you hear the music and see the sexy dance with a tango flare.


Kizomba is one of the most popular styles of dance and music in the Lusophone African countries. Sung in Portuguese or Portuguese creole, it is a genre of music with a romantic flow mixed with African rhythm. Unlike Salsa or Samba, the feet of both the man and the woman are always in continuous contact with the ground. In most situations, the heads of both the man and the woman are held together, but this depends on how close their relation is.

Kizomba is native to Angola, with influences from other Lusophone countries. It is also danced in other Portuguese speaking countries and also in Portugal. It is known for having a slow, insistent, somewhat harsh, yet sensuous rhythm, and is considered to be a fusion of semba (a predecessor of samba) with music styles from the French Caribbean Islands mainly the Martinican Zouk and today Kizomba has developed a soul of its own.

Kizomba is ideally danced accompanied by a partner, very smoothly and slowly, though not too tightly. A rather large degree of flexibility in the knees is required, owing to the frequent requirement that dancers bob up and down in a manner reminiscent of a music-hall policeman.

The influence of Angolan Kizomba is felt in most Portuguese African countries and also in Portugal (mostly in Lisbon and surrounding suburbs such as Amadora or Almada), where communities of immigrants have established clubs centered on the genre in a renewed Kizomba style. It is now also quite popular among non-Angolan people that come to these clubs in growing numbers. In Angola most clubs are based in Luanda. Famous Angolan Kizomba musicians include Don Kikas, Calo Pascoal and Irmãos Verdades, among many others, but Bonga is probably the best known Angolan artist, having helped popularize the style both in Angola and Portugal during the 1970s and 1980s. The younger Angolan generation has made use of the technology available and almost daily a new Kizomba song is in the market. Top artists include Don Kikas, Paulo Flores, Eduardo Paim, Maya Cool, MC Dog Murras, MC Mauro Madaleno to name a few.

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Kizomba Is A New Style of Dancing Finally Making its Way to Dallas/Fort Worth Dance Scene!
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