Zouk and Kizomba with Benga DaBeatz

Learn How To Dance These Two Sensual Dance Styles

Bootcamp with Benga!!


Watch this video of Solo and Partner work towards the ending. Starting around 1:44.

**Please extend invitation to your friends**

Upon popular demand, DaBeatz is finally making it happen for the city of Love. Now you can have no excuse to been a spectator at that next event you attend. A bootcamp to kick starts that extra taste of flavor you crave to make your dance flavor…. ‘Flavorful’. On the table are hours of Kizomba, Zouk, and the very essence of its nature in Afro Beatz at your backyard. Coming to you is the art, the melody, the taste, the feel, the soul, and the very sight and sound of the African rhythmic motion at your grasp. You want it? Let’s get it.

This bootcamp is available to everyone, dancers & non-dancers, young & middle age, beginners & professionals, humble ones & ego filled ones, lovers & haters alike. We all have something to learn. We will cover the essence of Kizomba & Zouk dances and their roots in the African rhythms so you can build your tricks you so crave for accordingly.

the essence are as follows:
-African musicality
-Body isolation (fellows & ladies styling included)
-Body balance (lead & follow)
-Points of contacts
-Basics steps & fundamentals
-Beginner – Intermediate-Advance Kizomba routine
(Tarraxinha included)
-Beginner-Intermediate Zouk routine (Introduction to
Lambada included)
-Briefing on Argentinean Milonga, Congolese Shakalewa,
Kenyan folk music, East African Linghala, Afro-Carribean
zouk and Brazilian Lambada to help understand the
conjunctions and syncs in Kizomba and Zouk better.

The agenda of the weekend are as follows:

Saturday, December 28th, 2013. Time: 12pm – 6pm

It’s $20/person for the day
-3 hrs Kizomba
-1 hr Kizomba practice/break
-1 hr 45 minutes of Zouk
-15 minutes of ZouKizomba Challenge
-ZouKizomba Challenge: You will learn 1.5 minutes of zouk
routine and 2 minutes of Kizomba routine over each
period. You will be partnered up by name draw to show off
your talent and what you’ve learned from the day’s
bootcamp. Top 2 couples will get 1 hr free private session all
together to sharpen their skills and confidence the following
day (Sunday, 12/29/2013). Dallas, come ready!!!

Sunday, December 29th, 2013. Time: 12-6pm

Private Session today
**Inbox Benga DaBeatz to reserve your spot asap. Private are available for $45/person/session, and $55/couple/session. It’s first come first serve folkz!!!
12-1pm, open for private
1-2pm, open for private
2-3pm, open for private
3-4pm, (Filled)
4-5pm, (Filled)
5-6pm, open for Kizomba and Zouk dance. May be open to go longer if you all act right. Music by DJ Da Beatz!!

*One on one private is available from December 22nd – January 4th. Inbox Benga DaBeatz for detailed info.




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