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The art of dance will help your child succeed in all facets of life. The self discipline required in dance training builds confidence and coordination. The result of proper training and technique produces a strong and healthy body. The gift of dance is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

Fun, Friendly Dancing Lessons for Kids in Dallas…

First Class is Free!

Are your kids interested in learning hip hop, tap or both?  Here at Alpha Midway, we offer lessons to suit children of all ages and abilities – whether they’re just starting out, wanting to try a new genre, or have been tapping, breaking, popping and locking for many years already!

We provide students with the option of private and group lessons, as well as pr0grams that run for a number of weeks.

When it comes to kids’ classes we select music that is age appropriate, ensuring the emphasis is on having fun and being one with the music.

CarolTap Dance Instructor
A multi-talented dancer with extensive experience in choreography. Her training includes Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Russian Vagoniva, and Royal Ballet.

Although a Dallas native, she has studied across the country with dancers and choreographers such as Joe Tremaine, Joe Lanteri, Susie Taylor, Buster Cooper, Phil Black,Gil Stroming, Lisa Hopkins, Louie Depron, Frank Hatchet, Rhonda Miller, Michelle Asolf, Doug CaIdwell, Carol Connors and Keith Clifton to name a few.

Carol’s performance credits include TV work for Universal Studios Hollywood, and shows in Century City. Carol taught for the Ohio Dance Masters Convention Atlanta Ga. and TATD in Biloxi MS. Carol was called to sub for Dance Master Buster Cooper. Carol is Buster Cooper’s former long time assistant. In addition to

Carol’s dance and choreography talents, she owned and operated the Plano Academy of Dance for twenty-one years. As the Artistic Director of the school, she set up the curriculum and taught all ages and levels. Carol is very proud of her dancers whom she has trained.

Her dancers have won numerous titles, scholarships and Regional dancer awards at New York City Dance Alliance, LA Dance Force, Tremaine Conventions, Co Dance, Break the Floor, and several others. Many of Carol’s dancers have pursued professional careers owning their own schools and dancing in LA and NY.

Carol’s former long time student Jeb Bounds went on to dance on Broadway. Jeb was a principal dancer in the Musical Swing. Tap soloist, Lyrical duet, as well as a chorus dancer.

PhillHip Hop Dance Instructor
Alias: ILL-PHIL is the CEO and Founder of FootSoulgerZ Krew. He currently resides in his home town Dallas.

Philippe (ILL_PHIL) Gonzales started dancing in 2000 through a friend who asked him to do a pageant talent show. Once he found the love for dancing he never looked back. Starting his own crew in 2009, Phil formed the most dynamic dance crew — “FootSoulgerz Krew” — to hit the Dallas scene. The Footsoulgerz name was inspired by his favorite childhood cartoon: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Hyping and charming the crowd, Phil constantly displays his passion for dance during his energetic performances on stage. Phil also has as a bigger goal than dance, and that’s sharing the word and inspiring people through his talent. Always a true believer in his faith, he makes sure God comes first before anything.

Teaching Experience: Former Hip-Hip Director at Powerhouse of Dallas – 2016-18, Millennium Dallas – 2015-16, House of Funk Studios – 2012-13.

Master Classes/ Workshops: Millennium LA; Millennium Dallas; Park Cities, Dallas; Center for Dance, Dallas; Clique Studios, Carrollton TX; House of Funk Theater, Farmers Branch TX.

Performing Experience: World of Dance 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, Drake Super Bowl XLV Party, AT&T Performing Arts Center 2010, Raw Artist 2013, 2015.

Music Videos: Pebbles Dali, Jake Dexter, Fusion X.

Accomplishments: NDA Champion 2011, Texas Got Talent Grand Champion 2011, DMA Crew Competition Champion 2010, Street Battle Champion 2010, Dance USA Judge 2018.

Jazz – A technical and stylized dance form using placement, flexibility, precision with the use of rhythmic music.

Lyrical/Contemporary – A combination of ballet,modern and jazz technique bringing spirit and soulfulness into movement.

Ballet – The foundation of all dance, to be studied along with other forms of dance.

Tap – More kids ages. You are the drummer! And will quickly develop coordination and will learn the “weight changes” that carry over into all forms of dance.

Hip Hop – More kids ages. A form of Street Dance often found in music videos.

Drill Team Prep – Precision, kicks, stretching. Jazz for Drilll Team -Technique, Jazz Turns, Leaps, and Axels, will ensure you make Drill Team!

• Ballet: Black leotard and dance belt with black ballet shoes – Capezio or Bloch. White or Black T-Shirt.

• Jazz: Each dancer should own black jazz pants and/or black dance shorts. Black jazz shoes. White or Black T-Shirt. Co dancers should have knee pads in their dance bag.

• Tap: Black flat Capezio or Bloch tap shoes, no jingle taps.

• Hip-Hop – Both girls and boys: Wear loose clothing and bring sweat pants for floor work. Tennis shoes required. (Dancers coming from another class can bring sweats and change shoes.)

• Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights with pink ballet shoes – Capezio or Bloch.

• Jazz: Each dancer should own black jazz pants and/or black dance shorts. Black jazz shoes Capezio or Bloch. Co dancers may need to purchase tan jazz shoes as well TBD.

• Tap: Black flat Capezio or bloch tap shoes; no jingle taps. Young dancers need to have black elastic where the ribbons are so they can slip on shoes and not waste time with retying.