B.I.G Salsa Festival Pre-Party in Dallas at Alpha Midway Dance Studio2017-07-26T21:37:54+00:00



On his way to perform and teach at the long awaited for B.I.G SALSA FESTIVAL

Take this opportunity to take a class from world famous salsa dancer Juan Matos. Enjoy a one hour workshop of his unique and exciting way of teaching. He is known for Pachanga Workshops, Shines and Partner Combinations.
To continue the fun and dancing his workshop will be followed by a social dance that will start immediately after his class and will end at 2AM. Here you will have the opportunity to see him social dance or even dance with him. Pricing will be very affordable. $20 workshop + social or $10 just for the social (cash or credit card accepted).   Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot soon.

To take more classes with Juan Matos please check out the weekend schedule at the B.I.G SALSA FESTIVAL | San Antonio. Click here to see the line up of workshops for B.I.G SALSA FESTIVAL.


Juan Matos was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. He then moved to New York where he sharpened his dance skills to where he would become known as Juan “Pachanga” Matos. He travels the world teaching and performing and resides in Italy.