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There Are Two Main Categories of Salsa Dancing: ON 1 and ON2

Mambo classes in Dallas near Galleria MallThere are many different styles of salsa dancing that can be different due to the city, state or country you are in.  There is Puerto Rican Style, New York Style, Miami Style, Colombian Style, LA Style, Cuban Style, and some even claim Aussie Style and London Style just to name a few. So, if you have ever seen dancers that seemed off beat maybe they were just dancing a different style and beat.

All of the styles will either emphasize the first beat of the music or the second, and that is how the names either On1 or On2 is derived from.

In dancing  Salsa On1, emphasizing goes on the first beat of the music where the leader generally steps with his/her left foot forward while the follower steps with his/her right foot backwards on the first beat of the music. This style continues to remain to be the most popular in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

When dancing Salsa On2, also known as Mambo, men are stepping back with the right foot and women are going forward with their left, emphasizing the second beat of the music. That is to say, the leader steps forward on the sixth beat of the music and back on the second for the music breaks. Mambo seems to be the most popular among seasoned dancers and new generation salsa dancers. It is the preferred style of performers and social dancing at most Salsa Congresses.

This will help you recognize whether someone is dancing On1 or On2. So the next time you see someone dancing differently, you should check to see if you can figure out if it is ON1, ON2 or… On3?

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