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January 22, 2015 is the next scheduled workshop

Free Class at 6:30 PM

Workshop at 7:00 PM

Learn to move like the Pro’s. Belly Dancing is performed at celebrations and social gatherings by ordinary people. Learn from one of Dallas finest Belly Dance Performer in Dallas Delilah.

Today, belly dance is enjoyed throughout the world and is taught in almost every country. Belly dancing offers an instant community of friends for women of all ages who find joy in music and movement. Belly dance creates self-confidence, as women learning the art often gain a sense of empowerment and self-discovery through artistic self-expression. Although many enthusiasts perform for modest income, the majority of belly dancers find the dance form to be a great source of exercise and a means of socialization.

It is believed that belly dance first came to America in 1893 when a dancer known as “Little Egypt” performed at the Chicago World’s Fair. Fascinated by the dance and the music, Americans became very interested in the exotic dances and rhythms of the orient. Feeling the approaching craze, Hollywood created glamorous, colorful costumes, popularizing an exotic dance of self-expression.

Anyone and everyone can belly dance!