Looking for something new to do with your significant other???

Dance the life away!  Dancing is fun and your significant other will make it even funner!
Huge incentive for those couples looking to spice it up a little bit: “Couples Membership”.

This is the same program as our regular membership with the only difference being the price. You get unlimited classes in a month.

Assuming that you have seen the First-timer Sign-up page and you have been with us before, check it out.

3 easy steps to sign up…

1) Sign up to a class on the schedule page for both people 2) Don’t worry about paying, you won’t see the couples pricing available there!   3) Show up 15 -20 minutes early before class to make sure everything is ready!

** You can keep this price if you set up the monthly auto payment. No contracts, you can cancel it anytime with a 30 day notice.

Enjoy the discounted price if you sign up together of $165.

See you in class!


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