Ballet and Contemporary Dance Lessons in Dallas


The Alpha Midway Ballet Program aim is to ensure that young Americans are given the opportunity to participate in and to value dance as a form of learning, artistic expression, recreational activity and entertainment.

Expressive learning is central to a child’s positive development and one of the major components of our Education Program

Ballet History

Ballet came about from the Renaissance period, around the 15th century. It was meant to be an interpretation of fencing, set to dance and performed in the French Court. The dance form developed during the reign of Louis XIV. By 1850, ballet has reached and flourished in Russia and Denmark. Once it reached foreign shores, ballet had been transformed with different styles, often imbibing the culture of the home country. For instance, Russian ballet is said to be showy and forceful. American ballet, on the other hand, is fast-paced and lively.

Three Types of Ballet

Classical Ballet – This type of ballet sticks to the traditional techniques of teaching, execution and performance.

Neoclassical Ballet – While this ballet form retains some of the movements and vocabulary of classical ballet, it is less strict than its counterpart. At the same time, the beats are often faster and the feats are more technical. However, even with the more varied movements of this ballet form, there is a certain adherent focus on structure. Neoclassical ballet is rigid in terms of structure.

Contemporary Ballet – Contemporary ballet is a heady mix of classical and modern. It takes a lot from classical ballet, while infusing the movements and choreography with modern dance. Here, dancers do not limit themselves with rigid body lines. Likewise, they do not need to keep to some of ballet’s strict techniques. Many of the styles and innovations of contemporary ballet came from the 20th century, wherein there was relatively more diversity in floor work and leg movements.

While there are other styles of ballet, these mostly toggle in between these three main forms.