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Julie Testimonial

From absolute beginner dancer to Intermediate/Advance level. Julie shows dedication and devotion for dancing. She shares her unique experience of how she found interest and now the rewards of dancing. Without further due, let's hear it from Julie!


Xavi Moreno

One of our own dance team family/members. Xavi has chosen to excel and go above and beyond to push his limits and become a performer too! He took privates and advanced his dancing. Here his story as to how Alpha Midway made that happen for him!


Diana Hernandez

A testimonial from Diana recommending Alpha Midway Dance Studio dance lessons to everyone. See her story and why to choose our studio over others. Starting is easy! We have designed these classes for people who are absolute beginners. Here you will learn timing, leading & following and how to properly turn.


Matt Sanchez

Matthew Sanchez shares his thoughts and experiences with his experience here at Alpha Midway Dance Studio. It is never too late to start learning and discover a new level of confidence and skill. Come out to Alpha Midway and start today!