” The Blindfold Experience ” Tour is coming to Dallas to deliver a SENSUAL SATURDAY to remember! Join us @ Alpha Midway Dance Studio on Saturday March 3rd for a 2.5 hour workshop from 11:30am -2pm followed by a hot Saturday night social to let it all sink it.

Christian Sola the Founder of the Sensual Bachata Style in USA is traveling around the US teaching his NEW workshop the Blindfold Experience & promoting The Unity of Dance Festival 2018 that happens in Orlando.


“Sensual Bachata: The Blindfold Experience”
Sections of the workshop will be blindfolded to assist participants with being able to connect to their partners through feel). The workshop works on Lead & Follow, Body Isolations, Intricate patterns and more, all while using our bodies efficiently and not Rough or Forced. Perfect for all levels of dance. Attire is comfortable/able to move in.

WHEN: 1130am to 2pm

COST: $30 in advance or $40 at the door
(This workshop is Alpha Midway)


That Night Christian will be Djing and Dancing at the Sensual Social


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