What I love about samba the most is the body isolation!

Prepare to make your body sweat, this samba class is held in Dallas near the Galleria Mall on the Alpha and Midway intersection. It is so much fun that you will not believe how fast it goes and how exhausted you will be at the end. My legs were burning as we were doing samba basic 1.  Which is moving your hips back and forth as you get low to scrub the ground! Yeah, the lower the better your doing. Beto, will show you exactly how to make this movement and all the different samba basic steps he plans to use for the class. He teaches you step by step basics and popular choreography that is famous in Brazil and most likely debuted at one point Brazil Carnival. He gives you different options of doing steps to see which way feels more natural to you.  Completely encourage everyone to do it and see if for yourself. He is a very experience Samba Dance Instructor in Dallas. His class is an all levels class all welcome.  All you need is to dress prepared to get your workout ON! Leggins and sneakers with comfortable top for ladies and men wear your sweats with sneakers and comfortable shirt.  This class takes place in ROOM B at Alpha Midway Dance Studio. For details about location visit the schedule