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Ever wanted to learn how to dance like Selena Quintanilla?
Well now is your chance!!!
We will be having a Cumbia Workshop on Friday, March 3rd from 7pm-8:30pm.

Cumbia is the dance to learn if you want to speak the universal dance language of the Latino community. You don’t have to sit and watch, now you will be able to dance! Moves are fun and energetic, momentum between partners is needed to create several figures and turns.

(Right after the workshop, we will have our Meet & Greet Social from 8:30pm-11pm! The social is FREE COVER, BYOB and there will be lots of dancing)

13740 Midway Rd Suite 710
Dallas, Tx 75244

$15 for 1.5 hours

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 877-797-2572 (:




Muchas gracias por solicitar información!

Las clases de grupo son una excelente forma de aprender, socializar y mantenerte en forma!

Tenemos clases de Cumbia en las siguientes fechas:

Marzo 3. 7:00 a 8:30 pm
Abril 7. 7:00 a 8:30 pm
Mayo 5. 7:00 a 8:30 pm
Las clases de Cumbia consisten en 1.5 horas en las que te enseñamos los pasos básicos asi como vueltas y combinaciones de los mismos. El precio es de $15 por persona.
Para mas información visita nuestra página http://www.cumbiadallas.com/ o puedes llamar al 877.797.7432


13740 Midway Road Suite 710 & 714
Dallas, TX 75244