Ana Lopez

Mambo & Latin Mix

BIO coming soon!

E-mail: ana@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 200[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/ana-lopez/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Joseph Lopez

Mambo (Salsa on2) Level 1,2 and 3

BIO coming soon!

E-mail: joseph@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 201[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/joseph-lopez/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Leticia Dominguez

Kizomba Level 1, Bachata and Salsa Level 1

BIO coming soon!

E-mail: leti@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 207[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/Leticia-Dominguez/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Mahsh Pourjavad

Salsa Level 1, Bachata Level 1

Mahsh has been in love with the world of DANCE now for just over 2 years. She started her dancing career with a passion for “people watching” at clubs and parties and the wanting of being able to do the same.

I had always thought to myself how mesmerizing Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata were to watch and never imagined being able to call myself a dancer!

My journey started off with beginner level classes to learn the basics. Not too long after that I began to realize that with consistent practice and hard work, realizing my dream of becoming one of those dancers at the club or party was not so out of reach! I then immersed myself in a variety of classes at all different levels and styles…AND now I have the honor of instructing.

The idea of teaching and being a part of someone’s dancing journey is truly a privilege. I promise that with consistent practice and a willingness to learn a fun new hobby- you will reach your dancing potential too! I invite all of you out there to come to any of the classes at Alpha Midway Dance Studio and start your Dancing Journey with someone just like you!

E-mail: mahsh@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 202[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/mahs-pourjavad/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Mari Tomey

All Levels Dance Instructor

Marisabel was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico where she began her training in dance at the Academia de Artes Franceschi at just three years of age. When she reached the age of ten her family moved to Fort Worth, Texas where she continued her education and training at Act One Dance Studio, owned and directed by Janet Schenk. She joined the studio’s competitive team winning several awards, achievements & top overall places with her solos and group numbers. While at Act One Dance Studio she became an instructor teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, drill team prep and her all time favorite lyrical.

E-mail: mari@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 203[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/mari-tomey/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Marcus Valentin

Salsa on1, Level 3 and Styling

BIO coming soon!

E-mail: marcus@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 204[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/marcus-valentin/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Roberto Lay (Robert)

Bachata Level 1 & Level 3

Robert is a professional dancer, performer and instructor out of Dallas, Texas. He was born in Panama City, Panama, and moved to the United States at the age of 10. He took up dancing at the age 15 in a Folklorico group where he first discovered his true passion for dance. Robert has been in the entertainment and promotional industry for over 15 years, and has been teaching dance for over 10 years. He is knowledgeable in many of the Latin dances, such as Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha-Cha. He has performed in numerous nationwide events and has also appeared on international television. He is a well rounded dancer, gifted artist and is recognized for his originality and flair. He possesses much creativity and wisdom which makes him a unique instructor to all levels of students. Over the last ten years, he has famously taught and partnered in Salsa with the very talented Sandy DeLara. He also has performed Bachata with Burlesque/Latin dancer Robyn Chance. Together with Robyn, they were now known nationwide for their wild painted bodies, his glittering Mohawk and her rear-length jungle hair. They formed the hand-painted T-shirt line ‘Bachateez’, named after their fluid, sultry style of Bachata.

Facebook Pics

E-mail: robert@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 205[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/robert-lay/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Salvador Urena

Owner/Instructor of Salsa on1, Bachata – Level 1, Level 2 & Intermediate

An undeniable passion for dancing is what Sal carries in his blood. He started dancing at the age of 17 and never stopped. He is now doing what he loves most: Dancing, Teaching, and Socializing with new people every day.

E-mail: sal@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 206[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/salvador-urena/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Yuritzi (Yuri) Garcia

Zumba Instructor

Yuritzi enjoys working out and trying different fitness programs that challenge the body. She has attended different Zumba classes for 2 years at her Alma Mater, TCU, and saw the amazing changes that it can have to your body. She decided to get certified in Zumba in order to help others get healthy and in shape through a fun, energetic fitness program. She is currently teaching Basic Zumba for all ages and fitness levels.

E-mail: yuri@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 207[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/yuri-garcia/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last] [divider_top]

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Edy Skiba

Studio Manager | Marketing, Web & Social Media Director | Photographer

Edy came on board as a Manager because of her overall skills and experience. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Communications and Web Design where she graduated with the highest honors. She has since worked as a freelancer for local, national and international companies as a Consultant and a Designer. Designing presentations and graphics for large events, traveling nationally, developing websites, working both independently as well as part of a team, she knows what it takes to make business and events run successfully. With her overall experience in the industry and love for dancing, she brings a lot of input on marketing, social media, web development as well as dance studio management. Edy is also a freelance Photographer, taking pictures of events, families and couples. To learn more about what she does and see samples of her work, please visit digitalmediadallas.com and edytaskibaphotography.com

E-mail: edy@dancestudiodallas.com
Phone: (877) 797-2572 x 208[small_button text=”Read more” title=”Read more” url=”http://salsabysal.com/instructors/edy-skiba/” align=”left”] [/three_fourth_last]